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Empowering YOU with the right tools and knowledge to help you and your family be more WHOLE and WELL

Helping you and your family heal from the inside out

You have searched for a reliable source to help you and your family heal naturally and get to the root of wellness.
Well you have found it!

I have been in your shoes. I have spent countless hours researching remedies, diets, supplements, therapies, products, etc. I am a medical doctor with a nutrition degree and training in integrative medicine, and it still took me years of trial and error to find the best healing modalities and products.

Ultimately it was finding the right tools to enhance our own POWER of healing within. Now my mission is to share what I've learned and EMPOWER you to find and harness the healing inside of yourself! -Carissa Stanton, MD



Carissa Stanton, MD

Your new guide to inner wellness.

Hello and welcome! I am a holistic pediatrician on a mission to empower families to improve their mind, body, spirit and environment. I started The Empowering Doctor to help families with the knowledge and logistics to live healthier and happier lives. 

I have a diverse training in nutrition, pediatrics, and integrative medicine. But my best training has been my own healing journey and living a holistic lifestyle with my family. I want to pass this know-how onto you!

I hope you will join me on a journey to holistic living and wellness!

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Knowledge is power!

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Do you want to improve you and your family's wellness, but you don't now what to do?

Dr. Stanton offers consultations

Natural Cosmetics

Recommended Products

It can be difficult to know who and what to trust when purchasing for your family. You can trust Dr. Stanton!

wellness guide

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Simplify wellness with the RIGHT tools and knowledge

Wellness Consultations

Let Dr. Stanton's years of training and experience guide you in the right direction!

Areas include but not limited to:
-Root cause of illnesses such as autoimmune, GI/digestion/irritable bowel, mental health
-Infant/pediatric gut and feeding problems
-Gut health/Nutrition/Supplements/Low toxin living 
-Spiritual healing
-Guidance on medical decision making 
-Genetic testing and interpretation

Virtual consultation with Carissa Stanton, MD: $150 per hour

Recommended Products

Holistic pediatrician recommended wellness tools

Empowering Doctor, LLC is an affiliate of these products.

The commission received by you using these affiliated links will allow us to continue to offer free wellness knowledge

Going to sleep and waking up in a calm state is important for wellbeing. Hatch company has solutions that help the whole family! For children, the Rest dream machine with relaxing sounds for getting to rest during nap or bedtime, and light settings controlled from parent's smartphone for time to rise. For adults, the Restore bedside sleep companion with relaxing sounds for bedtime, and gradual light and relaxing sounds for morning.

Start and end your day the right way with Hatch!


dōTERRA is a wellness company that Dr. Stanton fully trusts for natural, low toxin, ethical and sustainable products for natural healing and everyday health and household solutions. 

Check out Dr. Stanton's site for her recommendations. You can order retail from the site or become a wholesale member for 25% off retail price. Bonus: wholesale members get a FREE wellness consultation! If you are interested in wholesale membership, fill out the interest form below,


In today's world, people have increased needs for nutrients, and it is harder to get those needs from diet alone. Fullscript is an online supplement dispensary with professional grade and approved brands.

Check out Dr. Stanton's site for 10% discount and her personal recommendations


Feeding your family natural, whole foods can take extra time and money. Imperfect Foods can help!

They deliver quality food to your door by rescuing food to provide a large selection of discounted natural and organic food.

Use the link below to get $20 off your first order!

imperfect foods.webp

You have the power to heal your life, and you need to know that. We think so often that we are helpless, but we're not. We always have the power of our minds… Claim and consciously use your power.

Louise Hay, Author of You Can Heal Your Life

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